Christina Galvez Shaman, Usui Reiki Master, Life Coach

flowersI’m a lifetime student of life itself and those lessons. I haven’t stopped learning all about metaphysics, energy medicine and psychology. My work is an expression of who I am and what I am about: GROWTH, fulfillment, balance, creativity and purpose. Passion, courage and integrity are the underlying guides.

Through my work I empower seekers and people who want to live happily, at peace and consciously. My approach is to use my special genetically coded talents, which are to have fun; deeply connect to others. I help people who are of like mind, who are heart centered and have inquisitive Spirits. Innately I am intuitive; empathetically talented on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional; I am a natural clairscentient. (Clairsentience (clear feeling) possibly the most under-estimated psychic gift, is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around me. I feel the emotions of others both in my heart and in my body; and spirit alike.

Being of service as a “healer” makes more sense to me than anything else I could have chosen to do with my gifts or my life. I began my personal healing journey with going back to school to complete a Bachelors degree in Psychology, but soon figured out that wasn’t really working for me so started looking for the real answers. I quickly discovered I would rather keep looking for all the things I could learn in healing that I couldn’t learn in a conventional university. Such as Reiki several years ago. Seeing the amazing results and benefits in my own life led me to turn my struggle into what is now my success story so I continued the practice and study energy healing, basically anything to help heal all levels of a person including myself. So, I’ve bridged my background, training in Psychology, Life Coaching with Energy and Spiritual Healing, with the intention of guiding my clients into their own growth, balance and pursuit of happiness. I completed a Masters Program on Metaphysical Sciences and currently writing a dissertation for a Ph.D Transpersonal Counseling.  I’m also immersed and continue to work with the likes of Tony Robbins and his Life Coach and Therapists. I am an initiate of over 20 lineages of magic, esoteric organizations and healing and shamanism, almost too many to mention and dozens of certifications but that isn’t what qualifies me to help others, it’s the results that I am able to create with each individual who I have the opportunity to serve

My Mission Statement

I am here to awaken, become more conscious and connect in all my relationships. I am here to support that evolution through being a certified coach, shaman healer. I am here to contribute to the growth of others as a teacher by sharing techniques, modalities and technologies in my practice. I include these concepts not as a need, should or an ought to, but I serve it buffet style and I give what I have to share whole heartedly.