Life Coaching

Through life coaching my goal is to guide your continued journey to personal self-mastery, transformation, and well-being. You will be provided with appropriate coping skills to help you deal with personal life issues, emergencies, and traumas. You can also receive feedback about how to enhance your communication skills while you gain self-knowledge and understanding. We use the principles of Love, Integrity, Freedom, and Empowerment to help you cultivate your internalized judge.

With this internalized judge, you become aware of your own actions and how they affect yourself and others. You become more understanding of your own actions as well as the actions of others and you no longer take them personally as you become One with All That Is. When the merge occurs, you begin to live life from your center. You begin to choose the higher road as you begin to see, and become a part of, the greater good.

My goal is to facilitate your personal growth to wholeness through many forms of coaching, REIKI and meditation. The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the freedom of feeling good in your body and finding peace within by taking charge of your life and personal reality by embodying and using the skills you will learn.

Life Coaching Services & Packages

Single Life Coaching Sessions

12 Session Package – In life coaching my goal is to educate you so that you can begin your continued journey to personal self-mastery, transformation, and optimal health. (If you are receiving coaching from me you also have the option to be attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 as part of the package.)

*Mention if you are interested in online courses!

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